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The Art of Doris Colbert Kennedy

21 Apr

I stumbled upon Doris Colbert Kennedy while doing research for another post. I clicked into the web site of Anacostia Fine Art looking for something else and there she was on YouTube in B. Smith’s Restaurant at Union Station in Washington, DC.discussing her art.

Check her art out on YouTube and at the restaurant .
I was impressed. I wanted to see the real thing. I immediately reached out for an interview for

Doris graciously agreed. She was a fascinating interview subject. She took me on a tour of her works at B. Smith’s, The Foundry Gallery in Washington DC and The American Center for Physics in Maryland. My admiration for her art increased at each stop.

Based on some of her statements about her paintings and my knowledge of science as a former chemist and patent lawyer, I have gleaned the following understanding about her creative approach in making art.

Doris is an abstract expressionist. She aims to intuitively paint matter at the quantum physics level. Quantum physics describes the behavior and interactions of elementary particles or energy states based on the assumptions that energy is subdivided into discrete amounts and that matter possesses wave properties. Matter resonates between being particles and waves which includes space and perhaps vibrating strings according to current “theory of everything.” She intuitively paints the dynamic interactions of matter at this resonating level. She has said:

“When I create these works, I’m painting motion. I’m painting life. I’m painting relationships. I’m painting juxtapositions and cause and effect. I’m painting fractally patterned correspondences. I’m painting an intuited realism. And I think that is the key: intuited realism.”

Doris begins painting without any preconceived notion of what to paint other than a desire to express dynamic change and motion at the quantum level. She simply starts painting and the painting tells her what to paint and when to quit. As she expresses it something flows through her to the canvas to teach her an “intuited” reality that she paints.

I LIKE Doris’ art. I liked her work before I knew anything about her. I can now add her narratives to mine to enhance my already solid appreciation.

I present here a few of her works from the American Center for Physics. With Doris’ cooperation I hope to do another posting of her works from B. Smith’s.

Toward Entropy
For me an abiding sense of stillness emanates from this painting. The blue diagonal shapes are slowly receding from the foreground to the background or vice versa. This last quality reminds me of my ongoing quest to distinguish sunrise from sunset considering colors alone.

World sheets
Doris referred to this work during her talk at ACP. I admit I do not get it. To me this painting exhibits the interaction between hot and cool and the volume and space suggested by the resulting tension. I could have a field day on this work.It has many other more subtle effects on me.

Doris describes Gluinoscape as an image of the movement of energies, through space and time, on or in a gluino, which is a theorized force particle. The similarities to Earth’s landscapes are referred from her belief in the correspondences between the microcosmic and the macrocosmic. This one also touches me on many levels.
The following images are presented without comment. This post is getting too long for blog readers. I am reminded of how much fun I had, as a docent,with images like these. Open ended questions were a source of education and greater cultural understanding..

What are space and time

Look through the door

Strange NU
I hope readers have enjoyed reading about this wonderful artist.

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