Tokesplace Presents:

The Abstract Expressionist Art of Rosetta Deberardinis

3 Jun

Toke’s Place is pleased to present an online Exhibit of the works of Rosetta Deberardinis for your viewing pleasure.

Ms. Deberardinis

She kindly allowed me to visit her Baltimore studio. My visit was both intellectually and visually stimulating. I present here a few of her works. These images will stimulate you to visit her art whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

She is an abstract expressionist. Some of her works are strictly action painting à la Jackson Pollock or a combination of action and color field. She admires Pollock but believes her images exude more energy, density and color than his. She says, “Color is my language. It speaks to me. I lay it down in a dance with the surface and watch it take shape and form in its own time. The objective is to use color as an agent to define formation, shape and line as an expression of today, yesterday and the anticipated tomorrow.”

The dance is always private. Only pigments and Rosetta are present.

A few examples of Rosetta’s impressive works are presented below. The comments are mine. Different viewers will see different things.

Summer in the City is an example of her colorist credentials. Clearly the push-pull of the bright highly contrasted colors (red, black, yellow and blue gray) is an important attribute in any narrative, emotional or intellectual, that this image might convey to a particular observer.

Summer in the City

Another images that burnishes her colorist credentials is Fire Wall

Fire Wall

For this viewer varying space and depth is suggested from the push and pull that the color relationships create. The gestural strokes suggest high-energy movement while the color fields underneath suggest relative calmness and stability. Chaos against a background stability.

New York From The Air locked my imagination into seeing an aerial map. For me then the image is abstract, but figurative. This is my shortcoming not the artist’s.

New York From The Air

Even with this bracket on my imagination I can see the substantial depth effect she achieved in this image.

Lemon Drops impresses my sense of rhythm through the swirling black gestural lines. The yellow pushes the lines forward providing a spiritual pulsation.

Lemon Drops

Much more could be said about the high aesthetic quality of this work.

Passion is a combination of color field and action painting bearing Rosetta’s characteristic gestures.


Passion is remarkable. It is a three-layer pyramid having fields of colors ranging from blue (tints and shades) to reddish (tints and shades). Gestural stokes of white (tints and shades) paints are all over. The impact is both spiritual and solid.

Significantly Sam Gilliam is a mentor. Rosetta says many viewers think the work is his. Passion is not for sale.

I completed this interview lusting after several of her works.

See more impressive Rosetta images, exhibit history, resume and other creds at .

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