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Eye Catching Fashions at the 2009 New York Black Fine Art Show

18 Feb

The high creativity of black fine art visual artists was on full display in the exhibits of several art galleries participating in this year’s show. However, in some ways, the show is a bit like current “jazz” festivals. They always include a variety of non-jazz music. Similarly in this show some of the offerings were not so “fine.” Nevertheless it was fun. One sees a lot of very good art, see old friends, makes new ones and enjoy scintillating conversations about everything . A Salon, as it were.

The attendees, as usual, were overwhelming female. Style wise, many were fashionably, but conventionally, turned out. They looked good but few stood out.

However, in the mix there were a few creatively dressed standouts. These ladies pushed the boundaries of current style thereby paving the way for the new fashions. I present in this post photographs of a few ladies who were in their attire, fashionably creative, elegant, edgy, avant-garde or even a tad eccentric .

The photographs were taken with full permission of the ladies. Some that I wanted to photograph denied permission and I do respect privacy. A more detailed view at the photos can be had by double clicking on the photographs.

This lady's outfit is avant garde, edgy and eccentric:

Her smile suggests she is comfortable . Her styling is eccentric because it is unconventional, and a taste dramatic. Nothing in her outfit goes together in the traditional styling sense. Nevertheless the outfit and the lady is eye catching and attractive.

The same might be said of this lady and her costume:

The colorful organic patterned fabric was draped elegantly at waist level over her black leather ensemble. Black made the patterned fabric pop. Close your eyes and try to visualize the drama this friendly lady projects with her engaging smile when she approaches you. Drama on the move.

Here is another eye catching edgy out fitted lady.

Her style was not in your face edgy compared to the previous costume. One would not see this combination of apparel in fashion magazines. This outfit is definitely creative. The multicolored bag makes the outfit edgy, or to those more in tune with conventional styles, uncoordinated. I love it. It doesn't hurt that the model is quite attractive.

The mutlti colored hat and the colorful jacket waist band made the following outfit. The hat, particularly the way she wore it, gave the her a casual jazzy, haughty demeanor that I liked. The confident look on her face seems to say "Look how good I look."

The next outfit, and most especially its model, conveys a kind of classic elegance. The lines of her outfit are simple.

The denim fabric appear tailored just for her body. The hat is a crown that accents the elegance of the outfit and the beauty of the lady. She likes how she looks too. Look at that smile. As Ray Charles sang in one of his recordings: "It should have been me with that real fine chick."

This final outfit is simply elegant. It is not edgy or avant garde. It is on the leading
edge of fashionable.

This leggy pantsuit affords a glimpse of a shapely thigh, gorgeous bare shoulders and a little bare midriff. She is ready for an upscale cocktail party, formal dinner dance or an art show where her outfit and good looks will make her the envy of the ladies while receiving the admiring glances of all the guys.

Every aspect of black culture is cherry picked for goodies by whites. This has been so every since our ancestors first arrived. The styles presented here are ripe for ripping off.

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